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Do you live in peace or in war?

How many internal conflicts are you going through?

In times when humanity is still struggling with wars between the good ones and the bad ones, the question must be asked: What is the real origin of all of these conflicts? I have been writing on my previous blogs about the importance of taking responsibility for absolutely everything that happens in our lives, and that includes everything that happens in the world in which we live in. Today I am not going to talk about the political, economical or social origin of such wars. Today I want to talk about your and my responsibility in all external conflicts. Carl G. Jung once suggested that "the most important action that an individual can take in the name of world peace is not any particular political initiative, but the simple withdrawal of personal projections”. Human beings are always projecting into others those things that they find difficult to consciously face. Projection is an unconscious mechanism that Psychology has studied in depth. Sigmund Freud defined it as “a defense mechanism often used as a way to avoid uncomfortable repressed feelings”. Ralph W. Emerson said that "people do not realize that their opinion about the world is also a confession of their character."

Based on these concepts, it makes a lot of sense to think that if there are wars or conflicts in the world in which we live, these conflicts surely are the projection of millions of people that live in internal conflict. So, I can ask myself about my responsibility in these conflicts. How many internal wars am I going through? Maybe you'll be thinking, "but I don't hurt anyone." And I would ask you: do you live in peace with who you are? Are you loving yourself? Or on the contrary, you are constantly judging yourself, blaming yourself for the mistakes you have made and recreating the mistakes over and over again. Are you one of those people who do not forgive themselves for their past, or, for what they did or didn’t do? Are you constantly fanning the fire of guilt? One day I heard the Psychologist Enric Corbera saying that people do not imagine the good we do to humanity when we forgive ourselves; and that phrase made me think. how much violence we can be experiencing internally without even making it noticeable? For example, a quiet man, who does not complain, who does not hurt anyone, and on the contrary, is always trying to please others. This same person who ignores his emotions and his priorities, who never puts himself in the first place. That is violence against himself. Violence is also putting up with things that I do not want in my life; the woman who stays in a relationship in which her partner mistreats her. Who is more violent here? the husband who mistreats her, or the woman who allows mistreatment and passes over her self-esteem and self-respect.

So if you have been thinking about how you could help to achieve peace on earth, maybe you could start with a little self-inquiry, doing an analysis of your emotional health. And maybe, if you dare, you could forgive yourself and get the opportunity to free yourself from the many toxic programs that have been poisoning your mind. At the end, we do not have to become saviors of the world, with the mere fact that we become saviors of ourselves, we will have already taken a small step towards, perhaps one day, help our home called Earth become the place of peace that I am sure, we all long for in our hearts. At the end of the road, we are a single community called humanity.


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